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Libyan oil flows, foreign workers wait

BREGA, Libya, Sept 23 – Scribbled in blue marker in Arabic on the walls of Brega oil terminal is a message meant to cheer returning workers: “Gaddafi is gone and the place has been checked.” Oil production has restarted in … Continue reading

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Ahmad Bani gives a press conference in Benghazi

Ahmad Bani, a commander of the revolutionaries, spoke today in Benghazi in a live press conference about the advance on Brega, the possibility of a political solution and the outlook for the near future. The following is a short summary … Continue reading

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Video: A new push for Brega

Revolutionaries are preparing for a new major offensive against Gaddafi forces in Brega

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Video: NATO strikes key command & contorl nodes in Brega

Yesterday NATO struck several key command and control nodes in the vicinity of Brega. Brega has been the scene of significant Qadhafi regime military activity. Qadhafi regime forces have occupied buildings in an abandoned, built-up area of Brega, for use … Continue reading

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Video: Cockpit footage of British Apache attacks

The Apaches hit targets near the Libyan town of Brega during the latest wave of Nato strikes against forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the MoD said. “This successful engagement demonstrates the unique capabilities brought to bear by attack helicopters,” … Continue reading

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Mark Stone: The Brega bunker and how we found it

Sky News reporter Mark Stone wrote this blog entry today on how Sky News discovered that the target NATO intended to hit in the Brega air strike several days ago was in fact a bunker as they said. Reporting from … Continue reading

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Video: Interview with Dutch engineer who built the Brega bunker

Dutch engineer Freek Landmeter built the bunker in Brega that was hit by NATO forces. The coordinates he gave Sky News match closely those given by the Libyan authorities as being a guest house that was hit by the strike.

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NATO says Colonel Gaddafi is losing his support

There is growing evidence that Gaddafi is losing the support of his troops, NATO has said. Sky News reports. The comment was given to Sky News in response to the Libyan dictator’s taunt that he had retreated to a place … Continue reading

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Video: Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reports from the frontline at Brega

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reports from Brega on the opposition’s advance westwards.

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Video: revolutionaries try to take Brega

The Guardian have put up this video of revolutionaries as they try to take Brega. They say Gaddafi’s forces are inside the city and its outskirts, but are afraid to move for fear of airstrikes.

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