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Chavez: Gaddafi wants UN to visit

“Look, Chavez, not only of countries; I hope the whole United Nations come here to see the reality of what’s happening before they start condemning the Libyan government or the Libyan people, before they start thinking as they are now, … Continue reading

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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says no need for mediation

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has said on Thursday that there was no need for foreign mediation to solve Libya’s crisis. In an interview with Sky News he said he had not heard from Venezuela’s offer. He thanked them for it, but … Continue reading

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Crisis better solved through mediation – Sir Christopher Meyer

Sir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to the United States has told the BBC that establishing a no-fly zone over Libya is not practical “politically or militarily”. Russia and China also oppose this measure. He said mediation was much more … Continue reading

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Analysts say little chance of success for Chavez peace plan

Middle East analysts consulted by Reuters have commented on the peace plan involving Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. “I don’t think that another relatively extreme leader who is an ally to Gaddafi has a chance to be accepted as a peace-broker. It’s … Continue reading

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