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NATO counts on Tripoli uprising to break deadlock

ALGIERS, June 21 (Reuters) – NATO is trying to lay the groundwork for an armed uprising inside the Libyan capital to oust Muammar Gaddafi because it has lost hope that rebels elsewhere in the country can advance on Tripoli any … Continue reading

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Video: Live ammunition used against protesters

More footage of the demonstrations in Souq al Jumua on May 30th was put online. This video shows live ammunition used against protesters. While the video wasn’t taken by the Free Generation Movement itself, they do say it’s consistent with … Continue reading

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Video: Demonstrations in Souq Al Jumua May 30, long version

Here is a longer video of the demonstrations in the Souq al Jumua area in Tripoli yesterday.

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Huge demonstration in Benghazi

A huge demonstration is taking place in Benghazi at the moment. The Guardian’s Chris McGreal reports how people came together after Friday prayers. People are, as always, waving the pre-Gaddafi flag but he notes there is a surprising amount of … Continue reading

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Toronto demonstrations – Feb 19

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Kidnapping campaign in Tripoli

The Network of Free Ulema in Libya has said that pro-Gaddafi forces have been carrying out kidnappings in advance of tomorrow’s planned demonstrations. The statement from the group read: “This is to URGENTLY notify the world and the International Criminal … Continue reading

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Video: Demonstrations outside Libyan embassy in London today

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Eyewitness account of Friday demonstrations

We relay it to you as we received it: Salaam Jazzak Allah Kyier (May God reward you abundantly). We are all well alhamdu lil-Allah (Praise be to God). My cousin Alhamdulil-Allah died martyrdom yesterday and was buried today. His funereal … Continue reading

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Libyans protect cultural heritage

Dutch public broadcaster NOS have mentioned in their live blog that Libyans are determined to protect their cultural heritage. The old Roman city of Leptis Magna, 130km east of Tripoli, has so far withstood the unrest. An advisor to a … Continue reading

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Reuters photography

View more photos (of several different countries) here.

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