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Huge demonstrations in Misratah today

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Another victim in Tripoli’s demonstrations 25th February

Translation: Weeping man: The guy is dead! There is no god except God! Cameraman: No no, he’s still alive! Try to pump his heart Weeping man: No, that’s it, he’s going to die… Another man off-shot: No no, don’t say … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Eyewitness account from doctor in Libya

“I recently spoke on BBC news but unfortunately I was on my way back from Gatwick airport to Sheffield on the train and my battery died. I have spent the last weeks in Tripoli.┬áThere are a few things I would … Continue reading

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Journalists missing in Libya

The Committee to Protect Journalists is still very alarmed by the regime’s threatening rhetoric regarding journalists, as well as the continued violence journalists have experienced. “Naim Ibrahim al-Ushayba, a Libyan journalist from Benghazi and a correspondent forLibya Al-Youm news website, … Continue reading

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Diplomats call for human rights investigation

Diplomats will be putting the pressure on this Friday in Geneva. They’re calling for a human rights investigation into Gaddafi’s violent crackdown on the demonstrations. The EU wants the Human Rights Council to investigate “gross and systematic violations of human … Continue reading

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1500 young men discovered in underground room

Translation: Jazeera, I want to deliver this information, I confirmed it personally, on my responsibility. I am a Libyan citizen. Today in Benghazi they discovered a room underground, a room that is completely locked-in. Completely locked. Holding 1500 young men … Continue reading

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BREAKING: More demonstrations in Fashloom, Tripoli

Translation of chants: With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you Benghazi! It’s your turn, it’s your turn. Gaddafi you dictator! The people demand the toppling of the regime! There is no god except God and the … Continue reading

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Map of demonstrations around the world

A map has been put up showing the various locations in which demonstrations have been held in solidarity with the Libyan people. See it here

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BBC/Indepedent: Is Gaddafi’s rule facing collapse?

“The demonstrations in Libya that began in the city of Benghazi seem, to general amazement, to have given the protesters effective control of the east of the country.” They report that Gaddafi may have fled to a support base in … Continue reading

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“Now we’ve seen the blood our fears have gone”

The Guardian have posted a new article saying that mercenary attacks fail to deter the protesters. Ali Zeidan, a senior member of the Libyan League of Human Rights who is in Munich, pieced together the pattern of violence in the … Continue reading

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