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BREAKING: Eyewitness accounts of Tripoli massacres after Friday Prayer

We relay to you the account as we received it: Friends and cousins were there today but they managed to push back the crowds. The people that met in Souq Al Jummah from Tajoura,, Arada and Souq Al Jummah were … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Location of injured protester kidnapping

Update: Earlier we posted footage of an injured protester being dragged and thrown into the back of a car by mercenaries before they drive off. You can watch the footage again here. An eyewitness has confirmed the location of where … Continue reading

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Protesters in Souq Al Jummah face bullets with rocks

Translation: Someone from a distance: move out the way! Camera man: This isn’t a government building, this is a courthose. The government building they burned. They fired and ran away. They’re here again! They hear I swear the guys here … Continue reading

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Road from Tripoli’s military airport to city center lined with security

Reuters reports that according to a witness, the road from Tripoli’s military airport to the city center is lined with police and soldiers as cars are being searched.

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BREAKING: Mass of protesters moving to Martyr Square

15:12 Al Jazeera English Eyewitness says there was gunfire after friday prayer. They went towards Tripoli and were joined on the way by other protesters. Live on television it appears another person takes the phone and yells at him, saying … Continue reading

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Eyewitness account from Tripoli

An eyewitness describes the latest situation in Tripoli. He further confirms the mass clean-up of the streets and said that doctors are not allowed to document any of the bodies and injured. Read the account here.

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BREAKING: Eyewitness account from doctor in Libya

“I recently spoke on BBC news but unfortunately I was on my way back from Gatwick airport to Sheffield on the train and my battery died. I have spent the last weeks in Tripoli.¬†There are a few things I would … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Az-Zawiya under attack right now

Time is Libya local time 00:15 Al Jazeera Arabic interviewed an eyewitness in Al Zawia who stated: There are no wounded or killed We have informed the youth that in the even of any shooting, they should lie flat We … Continue reading

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Photos: Eyewitness account of Tripoli on the 22nd February

A contact sent us this account with five photos attached. We relay to you the message as we received it: I was in Tripoli, I left ¬†yesterday..I tried to take pictures and record videos before i left-not a lot and … Continue reading

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Eyewitness: “30,000 protesters in Az-Zawiya”

An eyewitness on Al Jazeera just said that there are some 30,000 protesters in Az-Zawiya right now.

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