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Eyewitness account of 26th February from Tripoli

We relay it to you as we received it: Well… what can i say other than 26.02.11 will always live in me and my cousins memories for life. But when this is over inshallah will talk about that particular experience … Continue reading

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Casualty in Fashloom – GRAPHIC

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BREAKING: Mass of protesters moving to Martyr Square

15:12 Al Jazeera English Eyewitness says there was gunfire after friday prayer. They went towards Tripoli and were joined on the way by other protesters. Live on television it appears another person takes the phone and yells at him, saying … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Photo compilation of Fashloum, Tripoli – 23 Feb

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Fashloum demonstrators take down and destroy Gaddafi portrait

Translation: God is Greater! God is Greater! Give him some! Break the damn thing! God is Greater! You dog! Burn it! Burn it! Fire Fire! Set it alight!

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BREAKING: Footage of mercenary Jeeps driving through Fashloom

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BREAKING: More demonstrations in Fashloom, Tripoli

Translation of chants: With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you Benghazi! It’s your turn, it’s your turn. Gaddafi you dictator! The people demand the toppling of the regime! There is no god except God and the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Security battalions open fire on protesters in Fashloom

13:48 Al Jazeera Arabic reports that security forces have opened fire on protesters in Fashloom, Tripoli.

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BREAKING: Eyewitnesses report “massacre” in Fashloom and Tajourna

All times are Tripoli local time. 21:47 Al Arabiya: Libyan Military Source confirms orders were given to bombard Benghazi from the air within two hours. (via @SultanAlQassemi) 21:40: Eyewitnesseses are reporting what they call a “massacre” in the Fashloum and … Continue reading

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BREAKING: HEAVY fire in Sidi Khalifah

All updates in Tripoli Local Time 20:25 Al Jazeera eyewitness: more than 250 people dead so far. 20: 18 @iyad_elbaghdadi tweets: Confirmed air strikes in Jumhouriya street in Tripoli 19:59 Al Jazeera eyewitness: there is lack in medical supplies & … Continue reading

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