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Huge demonstration in Benghazi

A huge demonstration is taking place in Benghazi at the moment. The Guardian’s Chris McGreal reports how people came together after Friday prayers. People are, as always, waving the pre-Gaddafi flag but he notes there is a surprising amount of … Continue reading

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Arab League rejects foreign intervention

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Eastern part of Ajdabiya bombed, Brega retaken by Gaddafi forces

Martin Chulov confirms that in an aerial bombardment of Brega and Ajdabiya, Brega was retaken by Gaddafi’s forces. Witnesses told the Associated Press that warplanes bombed the eastern part of Ajdabiya at 10 am local time. ┬áPeople in Benghazi are … Continue reading

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Petrol tanker explodes in Tripoli

A petrol tanker exploded this morning in Tripoli. The cause of the explosion hasn’t been confirmed. Some reports say that it was just a traffic accident. The Guardian’s Peter Beaumont says the following: “The people there said there had been … Continue reading

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“Please don’t intervene”

Muhammad min Libya writes today for the Comment is Free section, saying that Libya is united in popular revolution. “We welcome a no-fly zone, but the blood of Libya’s dead will be wasted if the west curses our uprising with … Continue reading

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Libya received military shipment from Belarus

According to Sipri, a leading arms trade watchdog, Libya received a shipment of military equipment from Belarus on February 15. “The Ilyushin came from a dedicated military base that only handles stockpiled weaponry and military equipment,” Sipri’s arms trafficking expert … Continue reading

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Spreadsheet of martyrs grows

Last week we linked to an attempt to name all the martyrs who have been killed in Libya so far. While only 38 names had been added when we first posted it, now there are 178 who have been named … Continue reading

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World Food Programme sends food to help displaced people

All times are local Libyan time, GMT+2 01:11 The World Food Programme says it is sending 80 metric tons of high energy biscuits to the Libya-Tunisia border to help displaced people “until they can get settled or reach their final … Continue reading

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Ian Black analysis of Gaddafi

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The East ready to assist Tripoli

A general who had joined the protesters in the Benghazi has told Reuters that his forces are ready to help demonstrators in Tripoli if necessary. “Our brothers in Tripoli say: ‘We are fine so far, we do not need help’. … Continue reading

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