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Audio: In the valley, James Bays reports from Jadu

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from Jadu in the Nafusa Mountains. In the valley (mp3)

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Video: Anti-gaddafi demonstration in Jadu

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Video: Speaking Tamazight again

In the latest report from Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur, reporter Jan Eikelboom visits the Amazighi who are finally able to speak their language again after 42 years. Freely, they can now sing, write poetry, write and present the news in … Continue reading

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Video: Revolutionaries capture large munitions dump

Revolutionaries have found and captured a large munitions dump from Gaddafi forces near Zintan. Finding the collection of weapons depots there is being seen as a major victory for the revolutionaries as they edge closer to the capital, Tripoli. Al … Continue reading

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Audio: Gaddafi forces attacked Zintan yesterday, drawing opposition fighters to defend it

In this live phone call, it’s explained how Gaddafi forces attacked Zintan, drawing opposition forces to defend the city. While some of them were still in Zintan, Gaddafi forces moved in to take the Wazin border crossing. Listen!

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