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Misratah: Comprehensive update on how Gaddafi’s forces survive inside the city

The spokesman for the 17th February revolutionary youth in Misratah conducted a live interview with Al Jazeera Arabic earlier this evening in which he explained how Gaddafi’s forces are managing to survive inside the city. He said: There were attempts … Continue reading

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Translated: Captured mercenary in Brega yesterday

Translation: Enough enough! Leave him! Enough! Come on now! Enough! Man holding RPG: Guys, I want you to ask this ruffian what they’re looking for. What is this? Another man: Record record God is Greater, God is Greater! Man with … Continue reading

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Cameramen targeted by Gaddafi mercenaries

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In depth report: What has happened to the Libyan military so far?

Translated by Libyafeb17.com | Original article: Al Jazeera Arabic The joining of many of the military, air force and naval forces to the revolutionaries has strengthened their position in demand for the resignation of Colonel Gaddafi. It also reduced the … Continue reading

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France: Humanitarian aid a priority over installing a no-fly zone

France has urged humanitarian aid to take priority over installing a no-fly zone. In a radio interview, European Affairs Minister Laurent Wauquiez said: Libya is twice the size of France. So is it even possible to set up a no-fly … Continue reading

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Some mercenaries “immune from prosecution”

The UN resolution that was agreed upon on Saturday called for the International Criminal Court to investigate the killings. However, it has been widely reported that Gaddafi hired foreign mercenaries to carry out some of the killings. ┬áThe US insisted … Continue reading

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A message from a woman in Tripoli

Tripoli Update Translation: In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace be upon you, Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him, My name is Sara from Tripoli, I would … Continue reading

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Translated: Misratah demonstrators capture a Brigadier and relative to Gaddafi

Translation: Our young brave rebels in Misurata have managed this morning to attack Hamza security Battalion and expelled them from its fortress place at the airbase/Air Academy/Air defence and the young brave rebels have managed to capture some of the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Mercenaries reportedly open fire on protesters in Misrata

Al-Arabiya reported minutes ago that mercenaries have opened fire on protesters in the town of Misrata.

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BREAKING: Two youth being beaten by mercenaries then taken away in Tripoli

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