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UPDATE: Location of injured protester kidnapping

Update: Earlier we posted footage of an injured protester being dragged and thrown into the back of a car by mercenaries before they drive off. You can watch the footage again here. An eyewitness has confirmed the location of where … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Mercenaries drag injured protester into truck and drive off!

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Mercenaries patrolling Tripoli at night

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NY Times: Gaddafi may be preparing final showdown today

Witnesses have told the newspaper’s reporters that “thousands of mercenaries and irregular security” personnel have been deployed on roads to the city. Here are some parts of the article: “[They are] massing on roads to the capital, Tripoli, where one … Continue reading

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Protesters in Misratah seize arms to fend off attacks from mercenaries

See all the pictures here

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Former Libyan Prime Minister says Gaddafi should be tried internationally

Mustafa Ahmed Ben Halim, former Libyan prime minister has said that ousting Gaddafi is not enough, and that he should be tried internationally for the crimes he’s committed. He said there should be an independent international investigation into the events … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Chinook filmed over Jumhuriya Street, Tripoli (Feb 21)

Via Al Jazeera’s Live Blog: 2:08pm A contact with friends and family in Libya has set up a¬†YouTube channel to pass on videos from the troubled country. One is particularly interesting, because it appears to show clear footage of a … Continue reading

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BREAKING: The washing of a dead baby killed by Gaddafi’s mercenaries yesterday

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Food shortages get worse as protests continue

Sporadic gunfire was heard in Tripoli overnight, and more protests are planned for today as Gaddafi vowed to hold on to power. According to residents, the streets of Tripoli had been cleaned overnight as if nothing happened. During the day, … Continue reading

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BREAKING: 4000 mercenaries arrived in Libya on 14th February

Martin Chulov, The Guardian’s reporter in Libya has just tweeted: @martinchulov Air force major tells me of witnessing 4k african mercenaries arriving from feb 14 ‘that’s why we turned against them’ Please follow Martin’s twitter feed @martinchulov

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