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Misratah phonecall: A sniper just killed one of my best friends

Feb17voices have just added this new live phonecall with a young man from Misratah. Listen!

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Misratah: Comprehensive update on how Gaddafi’s forces survive inside the city

The spokesman for the 17th February revolutionary youth in Misratah conducted a live interview with Al Jazeera Arabic earlier this evening in which he explained how Gaddafi’s forces are managing to survive inside the city. He said: There were attempts … Continue reading

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Translated video: Misratah snipers filmed on camera yesterday 28th March

Translation: Cameraman: There! He’s come out! He came out running…now he’s gone inside. Cameraman: The one the left right? Yeah he’s still on camera Man off shot: Yeah, that’s him. Well done you! Can you zoom in? Cameraman: This is … Continue reading

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Must Watch: Bombardment of Misratah on 18th March – bomb closely misses civilian

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Nic Robertson tweets his trip to Misratah today

Nic Robertson’s tweets describing his visit to Misratah today: Setting off in big blue bus on govt-organized trip to #Misrata; drive should take couple hours. About 40 -50 journalists onboard. #Libya About half an hour from #Misrata, lots of Libyan … Continue reading

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GRAPHIC Video: Gaddafi forces bomb house killing children and occupants in Misratah last Friday

Translation: There is no god except God! There is no god except God! Cameraman: Children! Children they bombed last Friday, the infidel. They bombed them last Friday Man off shot: There is no god except God! Cameraman: Children you infidel! … Continue reading

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Translated: Telephone update from Misratah from one hour ago

Translation: Right now we can’t hear anymore firing/boming. After the fighter jets took off they stopped completely. They were coming from [unclear street name] and started firing in the Sea port area. Some of their shells didn’t even hit the … Continue reading

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Video: Gaddafi forces continuously bomb minaret till it collapses

Masjid Irhoomat Imgasbah in Misratah on the 19th March 2011

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Unconfirmed: Khamis and Hamza battalions clashed outside Misratah after which Hamza battalion defected

We have received a report that the Khamis and Hamza battalions clashed on the outskirts of Misratah today. The clashes resulted in the Hamza battalion defecting and joining the revolution

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GRAPHIC: Footage from inside Misratah hospital yesterday

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