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Video: Nieuwsuur report from Nalut on foreign weapon & armor supplies

Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur reports from Nalut, about the attacks the area is suffering, the professional training that revolutionaries now receive, and weapon supplies. He also, interestingly, says that as they understand, aircraft have been landing at the various small … Continue reading

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Video: James Bays reports from Nafusa Mountains

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from the Nafusa Mountains. Heavy clashes are continuing near Nalut, which Gaddafi forces attacking from Al Ghazaya.

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Video: Improvised tanks in Nalut

Quoting ChangeInLibya: “Necessity is the mother of all invention…”, here is a video showing an improvised tank built by opposition fighters in Nalut.

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Human Rights Watch: End Indiscriminate Attacks in Western Mountain Towns

Between April 26th and May 1s 2011, Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 50 refugees who have fled the Western/Nafusa mountains region to Tunisia. They speak of indiscriminate attacks on civilians, homes, schools and mosques. Human Rights Watch have called … Continue reading

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Video: Foreign medics face siege in Nalut

Al Jazeera reports from a hospital in Nalut. Despite many Libyans fleeing to nearby Tunisia, the hospital’s foreign staff have stayed on to help those that have stayed behind.

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Video: Uprising in Nalut

Al Jazeera reports on the uprising in Nalut with the help from a new Amazigh radio station who are now free to play their own music and speak in their own language. They also show pictures not seen before from … Continue reading

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Nafousa Mountain Libyans living in fear

Diana Eltahawy is a researcher for Amnesty International. Currently she is in the quiet Tunisian border town of Dhehiba, which has seen an influx of refugees from Libya’s Western Mountains region. The largest refugee camp houses 1,207 people, mainly women … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Families of Misratah offered 200,000 Libyan Dinars to stop protesting

Almanara Media: Reliable sources have reported to Almanara Media from that cities of Misratah and Nalut that Colonel Gaddafi has sent negotiators to them in the hopes of reconciliation and to stress that Gaddafi is willing to oblige all their … Continue reading

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