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Libya rebels dissolve cabinet after commander’s death

RABAT, August 8 (Reuters) – Libyan rebels have dissolved their executive committee after “shortcomings” by some members in the handling of the shooting dead 12 days ago of their military chief, a rebel spokesman said on Monday. A spokesman for … Continue reading

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Libya after Gaddafi: the grand design for a post-Gaddafi country

Britain and other Western governments have helped to prepare a blueprint for a post-Gaddafi Libya that would retain much of the current regime’s security infrastructure to avoid an Iraq-style collapse into anarchy. The Times has obtained a copy of the … Continue reading

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A Rebel Offer to Qaddafi: ‘Resign’ and Remain in Libya

AL RUJBAN, Libya — The leader of Libya’s opposition movement said Sunday that rebel leaders had offered Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi the option to leave power and remain in his country, but he said that the offer, which seemed to represent … Continue reading

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Libyan rebels hand out rules on POW treatment

BENGHAZI, Libya — The rebel administration that controls much of eastern Libya is distributing guidelines on how its fighters should treat prisoners of war, following a string of allegations that rebels have engaged in unlawful arrests, mistreated captives and killed … Continue reading

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