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Anti-Gaddafi messages painted over

This picture from Suq Al Jummah seems to show anti-Gaddafi messages on the walls having been painted over by security forces.

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BREAKING: Gaddafi contradicts and condemns himself

20:02 Gaddafi, targeting the protesters, quoted from Libya’s 1951 Independence Constitution which states that anyone who seeks to bring down the Constitution is punishable by death. But did he forget that it was HE who brought down the Constitution in … Continue reading

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Eyewitness email sent from Tripoli yesterday at 6pm local time

“Spread the word; The Khamis special forces are out from this afternoon and they have also brought in planes especially from Algeria. Tell Al Jazeera their instructions are to shoot people found out in the street. We personally saw the … Continue reading

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New footage of protesters from Souq Al Jummah in Tripoli

Translation of chant: With out souls, with out blood, we will sacrifice ourselves for you Benghazi!

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Protesters take over Green Square last night

Translation: “Gaddafi you coward, Souq Al Jummah is in The Square”

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More from Souq Al Jummah demonstrators last night

Translation of chant: Gaddafi you tyrant! Souq Al Jummah till the death!

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Souq Al Jummah wake up wake up! More protesting

Translation: With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves to you Benghazi! This is the nation of Omar Al Mukhtar, we do not want Abu Minyar!

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Protesters burning police station Souq Al Jummah, Tripoli

Translation: God is Greater! God is Greater! Here it is! Here it is! The station! Here it is!

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Souq Al Jummah is with you Benghazi!

Translation of chant: Where where are the men of Souq Al Jum’uah?! Benghazi cries with tears! God is Greater! God is Greater!

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