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NY Times: Gaddafi may be preparing final showdown today

Witnesses have told the newspaper’s reporters that “thousands of mercenaries and irregular security” personnel have been deployed on roads to the city. Here are some parts of the article: “[They are] massing on roads to the capital, Tripoli, where one … Continue reading

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Is the Obama administration soft on Gaddafi?

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, Jackson Diehl says that unlike some other Middle Eastern countries, Libya should have been the “easy case” for the Obama administration. Libya is no friend of the US, he writes, but the … Continue reading

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Obama calls Libyan violence “outrageous”

In a long awaited statement, Obama called Gaddafi’s violent crackdown on the protesters “outrageous” and joined the world in condemnation of the regime as he called for countries to be united in holding the government accountable. “The suffering and bloodshed … Continue reading

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Why Obama remains silent

Via the BBC’s live stream: 1745: There’s been a lot of talk about America’s relatively muted response to the Libya unrest. Reuters speculates that the US wants to get the several thousand Americans who live in Libya out of the … Continue reading

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Clinton calls for an end to bloodshed

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has called for an immediate end to the bloodshed in Libya. Clinton spoke out in reaction the messages coming from Libya about a massacre happening on the ground. In a written statement, Clinton said … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch put the confirmed death toll at 233

Human Rights Watch yesterday upped their estimated death toll to at least 233, based on conversations they had with staff at two hospitals in Benghazi. They were unable to contact two other hospitals in the area so the number is … Continue reading

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A Message From Libyans to Obama – Demonstration In Front of the White House 19 Feb

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Libyans in US allege coercion – Al Jazeera English

In an apparent effort to control the public narrative in the wake of rare protests that have spread throughout Libya, the country’s government is threatening to withdraw scholarship funding from citizens studying in the United States unless they attend pro-government … Continue reading

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Demonstrations in the United States

Enough Gaddafi have posted about demonstrations being organized in three different cities in the United States on the 19th of February to show solidarity with the people in Libya. The demonstrations will be held in Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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Obama urges leaders to adapt

Gulf News have posted an article in relation to statements made by US President Barack Obama in which he warned presidents in the Middle East that they have to adapt to a changing world. He told governments that they “can’t … Continue reading

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