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Video: Fierce fighting 40 miles from Tripoli

CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.

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Video: Revolutionaries take Martyr Square, Zawiyah

Revolutionaries are celebrating their capture of Martyr Square. Sky News’ Alex Crawford reports.

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Zawiyah residents rushed into the streets, greeting revolutionaries with “Allahu Akbar” chants

A rebel force of about 200 fighters advancing from the south reached a bridge on Az-Zawiyah’s southwestern outskirts, and some rebels pushed farther into the city’s central main square. They tore down the green flag of Gaddafi’s regime from a … Continue reading

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The story of Zawiya, as told by witnesses who left Libya on May 27th

With thanks to Thanku4theAnger. Original

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New video: (March) Gaddafi forces’ assault on Az-Zawiyah

A new video has surfaced which shows how Gaddafi forces entered the town of Az-Zawiyah back in March. The mosque shown in the video was later razed to the ground. Courtesy of septimius_sever.

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Audio: Az-Zawiya still very active

A Live Phone Call from Tripoli says that Az-Zawiya is still very active and that opposition fighters took over the central square for a few hours yesterday. An eyewitness reports that 100-150 trucks with Grad missiles are outside az-Zawiya pointing … Continue reading

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Audio: Fighting in Az-Zawiyah never stopped

In this phonecall from Tripoli, a man explains that the fighting in Az-Zawiyah never stopped. While the revolutionaries don’t hold the square anymore, they are regrouping and there are attacks on security forces at night. Listen!

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Video: Libyan town crushed by Gaddafi’s forces

CNN’s Nic Robertson visits Zawiya where the town has been largely destroyed

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Translated: Comprehensive update from the city of Az Zawiya

Almanara Media has posted a comprehensive update from Az Zawiya. We have translated it for you and hope that it will illustrate what the city has been going through over the past period since its recapture by Gaddafi’s forces Translation: … Continue reading

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Reuters report on the destruction in Az-Zawiyah

Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi recaptured the western city on Thursday after pounding it with artillery fire for several days. The Hotel that was the opposition command centre has been burned out and a makeshift cemetery the revolutionaries made to … Continue reading

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