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Video: The battle of Zawiyat bagul

Al Manara Media have shared this video which purportedly shows scenes from the battle at Zawiyat bagul, an area in the Nafusa mountains

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Audio: Big attack in Nafusa mountains on Sunday

In this phone call, a man describes that there was a big attack in the east side of the Nafusa mountains area on Sunday by Gaddafi’s forces. Listen!

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Video: World Food Program trucks deliver aid to Libya’s west

A World Food Program driver explains their supply route from Tunisia into Libya with trucks full of food supplies.

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Audio: Gaddafi forces attacked Zintan yesterday, drawing opposition fighters to defend it

In this live phone call, it’s explained how Gaddafi forces attacked Zintan, drawing opposition forces to defend the city. While some of them were still in Zintan, Gaddafi forces moved in to take the Wazin border crossing. Listen!

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Nafousa Mountain Libyans living in fear

Diana Eltahawy is a researcher for Amnesty International. Currently she is in the quiet Tunisian border town of Dhehiba, which has seen an influx of refugees from Libya’s Western Mountains region. The largest refugee camp houses 1,207 people, mainly women … Continue reading

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Zintan Phonecall: “They attack us from the north, west and south today”

Feb17Voices have uploaded another live phonecall with a Zintan resident who explains that Gaddafi forces attempted to attack the city from 3 directions today. All the attacks failed and the residents were able to block them and hold their ground. … Continue reading

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Video: Az Zintan protester holds “No foreign army in Libya” sign

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