Zawiyah’s destruction photo gallery

Thanks to CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen

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  1. Kaber says:

    Zawiyah,première ville-martyre que j’ai pleuré,puis Zentane et maintenant Misrata.Ce Grand Peuple Libyen m’a positivement surpris.Aaahh,Imane El Oubeidi,un symbole!!Sans oublier Mohamed Naboussi(prenez soin de son fils!),que vous devez ramener sur le site,afin de perpétuellement célébrer sa mémoire!Vous ne pouvez pas mériter un autre destin que la Victoire,dont je n’ose pas douter un instant après tous ces héroïques sacrifices.Il est inconcevable que l’injustice et la barbarie triomphent!Mon seul regret est mon impuissance face à la tragédie qui s’abat sur vous.

  2. kuribakanya hennry says:

    for me am a saved person and am prayer for all African countries especially leaders.
    and a want to put out this comment and asking all Africans people to pray for themselves and ask God the wisdom not to rely on their own wisdom.which is unfortunate many people are dieing because of one person that we call a leader(presindent) in all Africa wa still looking at one person as a true Leader who is called Nelson Mandera of South Africa.For me can’t belem the People who came to intervain people of Libya for me I support them for what their doing to rescue Libyans from hands of arrogance people like Gaddafi and his family.I don’t know if African leaders think how a person want to rule astate as if you rule your family you want after dieing your family take over which is unacceptable .Although their complaining that those European countries came to steal oils and other raw resources from Africa. for me i support it let them take it but rescue African who impressing by killers and dictators like Gandaffi ,Museven, Mugabe and all leaders who are not want to leave on power on peace and is not only that their killing Innocent people! oh for God seek. God come and help Africa.
    Lastly am among of people who supporting that Gaddafi must go including Uganda president and Mugabe of Zimbabwe

  3. Simon Hoare says:

    People of Zawiya

    Though I never knew you
    I felt I could hear your screams
    I wish I could have helped you
    You just wanted to be free

    I was useless to you – just useless
    You fought so bravely…….
    But the world had already let you down
    A long time before

    Though in the end you had to submit
    You fought ugliness with beauty
    Because you were right
    And they were wrong

    And though they tried to cover your dead bodies with sand
    They can never wash the blood from their hands
    And they can never be beautiful like you
    Because you were fighting for the truth

    You were fighting to be free
    Fighting to speak your minds
    Fighting so bravely for this ‘til you died
    And I was just useless, I just cried

    But you will always be remembered as heroes
    And no matter what lies they tell
    They will always be remembered as liars, murderers and thugs
    And you will always be remembered as the true and good people of Zawiya

  4. Omar says:

    Zawia is my home twon city,I love it ,my heart is burning when I see my city destroyed and for nothing just to keep the killer Gheddafi in power ,
    I am asking all the people who are still standing with Ghedaffi ,dont you see his massacre ,donot you see his way of treating things ,wake up please, wake up and rescue our country from this butcher ,he killed my friends ,he arrested my cousin,he destroyed my country ,he stole all nice things in our life

    Finally I just like to say some thing….we do not need a leader or a hero to lead us ,we need an employee a normal person with known salary and is under the rules and country regulations ,we need some body to build the country to care about Its people not a butcher to control for 42 years and then kill people

    In shaa Allah we will win this war and judge Gheddafi and his sons for every thing did did ,Evvivere Libya

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